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"Our Network of Stars” Dear Sports Enthusiasts, Hi !... I'm Len Pascoe, and welcome, my career experience has taken me through the hospitality industries, the arts, sales and marketing, administration, and much more, however I am best recognised for my sporting days  as a fast bowler with the Australian & WSC cricket teams.

On many occasions I have been asked to participate in events for example - charity fund raising, golf days, sporting promotions, after dinner & luncheon speaking. I recognized a need for a network of sports people and entertainers, especially when many are house hold names and wanted to continue serving the community. So this led to the formation of  Len Pascoe Sports Entertainment.

Thirteen years later our network of sporting personalities, complimented by quality entertainers, has developed into a successful team with many performances rangeing from corporate Australia to your local sports club.

Your club or organization may be planning an event, to help make it more successful, a number of points need to be considered:

WHEN BUDGET THEME PURPOSE KNOW WHERE YOUR AUDIENCE IS COMING FROM Promotion of the event - Radio - Newspaper - Journals - Brochure - Visual bill board advertising. - Internal membership support

All of the above can be costly, and experience has taught me, success is not always guaranteed on the event date. The need for dedicated people with a will to win and organizational skills is imperative. If you would like further information please give me a call, or if you wish personalities not listed then I would be pleased to source the information. We look forward to discussing your needs.

Sports Luncheons Sports Speakers Entertainers Memorabilia Corporate events Cricket Coaching Charity Events Support PA & AV often included as a service

Yours in sport Len Pascoe VENUE CONSULTANT     Lic 8040808 A.B.N.  14 526 895 233