Fast Bowling Preparation

Fast Bowling Preparation


Preparation starts well before the day of the match!

You must be aware of your opposition and make sure that you are ready mentally and physically, with all equipment ready and in order.


  • Ask about your opposition where you can
  • Eat correctly the night before the match, breakfast, lunch – drinks
  • Know what field placements you want
  • Have a bowling plan
  • If you want to try something let the captain know
  • Put your good fielders in wicket taking positions
  • Good rest before the match
  • Make sure your boots are well maintained… essential
  • Keep the new ball up “ Feed the slips”……hit the seam
  • Count the runs off the over, minimize…. It’s a matter of who cracks first
  • It’s a game of mistakes… be aware of that
  • Be prepared to bowl at all times
  • You want the wicket
  • Be at the ground 1 hr before play…stretch…and warm up bowling
  • When bowling in warm up concentrate on seam upright
  • Bowl at off stump
  • Assess the batsmen is he front player or back foot
  • Look for behavioral traits that indicate he is uncomfortable
  • Visualize how you are going to get him out
  • Bowl with the mind not muscle
  • The bouncer is a short examination of the batsmens footwork   use it wisely
  • Don’t sledge, stay in the zone, preserve your energy
  • Learn to bowl for your bowler at the other end
  • Count your deliveries when bowling or in the field it helps to concentrate


The fast bowler is an important member of the side. They are in a way school boy bullies.

They create fear , team spirit, and change the game. They are the first to bowl and set the pattern for the game.


Len Pascoe